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Extracted From Most Recent Reviews on TripAdvisor

An Unforgettable Amazon Adventure with Christian and his Team


A week spent in the heart of the jungle with Christian and his exceptional team was undeniably the most awe-inspiring adventure I've ever undertaken. This trip pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible and left an indelible mark on my soul.

Christian and his dedicated team possess an unparalleled commitment to delivering an all-encompassing experience. Their willingness to go the extra mile, even ventur
ing into the night for unforgettable tours, showcases their passion for ensuring you witness Amazon's magic in all its forms. Their collective knowledge about the Amazon ecosystem, from its vibrant plant life to its captivating creatures, is truly remarkable.

I wish there were more stars to give, as this adventure easily surpasses all expectations and deserves a perfect ten out of five!

Everything I wanted and More


Deep, rich, complete. My expectations were exceeded. How will I pay forward the wealth of wisdom, vitality, kindness and beauty that filled me these four weeks?


I was taken in as family. We had agreed on a combination of survival and master plants based on my love for spirituality and longing for intimacy with the natural world. The experience of traditionally preparing our provisions for our walk-a-bout, hunting at night, working for hours over the fire, feelings of belonging, ceremonies rich with intention and healing - are all in my bones now.


Christian’s confidence, trustworthiness, and love for hands-on living, Humberto’s wisdom, humility and awakeness to life, Jonathan’s knowledge and friendship, Dalmio’s skill, endurance, joy and vitality, Julio’s steady positivity and support, Anderson’s gentle humor and warm smile, Alfredo’s stamina and strength, Ofelia’s generosity and kindness, Antonio’s light-heartedness, plants seeking my own well-being, Carlos and Fernando’s songs and prayer for my own healing, my fellow traveler and new sister Amara, and the constant song of the jungle - thank you all.


I was in the hands of people wiser and stronger than myself. Thus, I have left wiser and stronger.


Heat, rain, bliss, bugs, stars, storms, ease, exertion, feasting and fasting…It was all there.


This organization has integrity. I recommend it to anyone who feels an affinity with what is presented in the website. I was respected and educated in every way they could. You will not be misled. I leave with a deeper appreciation of the fact of my life, what the natural, uncompromised world has to offer, and a taste for how we can live in harmony with it.

22 Days of Amazon Crossing Expedition, how it should be done!


The organization was spot on. Everything I asked to see and experience was arranged. Any Jungle is a trial, I am in my 60's, fit but not super fit, and mid European. Since I’ve decided to travel Solo for various reason the pace and distance covered per day were left to me, there were adequate breaks between hikes, once we had got into a rhythm stops were nearly always near a stream to allow for a cooling off splash bucket.

The six man team took care of everything with a smile. This expedition was with villagers from a small rainforest village with a rich and varied history, I saw how the village live
s today and from interviewing elders how events in history have had an impact on their lives.

Being a professional gardener and tree lover it was a pleasure to help construct a vegetable/herb garden at the community farm, produce the carbohydrate needed to supplement living off the forest on our travels. There was even time for a craft day producing a fan (almost a necessity) from palm fronds.

Nestor led the team professionally and with confidence, they were all specialist in the jungle. The food was rich and varied, well cooked and prepared although sometimes best not to ask what it was, just judge by the taste. The boat exploration part of this expedition was a welcome and cooling experience after the first phase of confining jungle trek in its dense rainforest. Helping to fish, watching birds flying over everywhere and wildlife vegetation from the water was glorious to appreciate.

Don’t expect a tv documentary full of wildlife, animals are very shy and tends to do their business during the night, however I did see Dolphins, Otters, all kinds of species of birds including Macaws, snakes, and a so close to a Tapir we could see the muddy tracks in the clay puddles.

Last but not least top marks to Christian, I contacted him and said "this is what I want, what can you do", It was not initially apparent but as time went on everything I had asked for was covered. This is a "can do" operation and believe me, they did, they truly fulfilled my expectations and more. I strongly recommend this team to anyone interested in exploring Amazonia in its most purest way.

An unforgettable experience, thank you Amazon Expeditioners!


I would give this experience a 10 out of 5, if that was possible, it was worth a thousand stars. I look forward to doing another expedition with this amazing company! First of all I want to thank Christian and his team (with a special shout out to the lead guide, Nestor) for exceeding any and all of my expectations. These men are like brothers of mine now, and I appreciate them all so much. Their attention to detail and expression of love for what they do was amazing to see and feel. Christian custom fit an experience for me based on what I wanted and the time I had and I felt the personalization and care from the first time we spoke. Together we designed a 20 day master plant and survival expedition, and it was better than anything I could have imagined. The shamans and guides throughout the trip were outstanding, the knowledge, strength and dedication they shared was truly inspiring. The team was always happy and willing to adjust the days events as we desired, and even agreed to do a special 2 day trek to find an ancient 400 year old Lupuna tree for one of our ceremonies.

Every detail of the trip was carefully thought out and planned, and the guides were there to support as much, or as little as we needed and would let me push my limits as much as I wanted while still helping to keep me safe. This is a truly authentic jungle life/survival experience, this is NOT some touristy lame expedition! We were guided through the jungle by locals from the village nearby, our guides were real deal jungle warriors who shared their cultural knowledge and skills with honor. We started out our journey learning to make traditional tools, weapons and preserving food in preparation for the survival experience. What followed was 14 days of nomadic survival and hunting in the deep amazon jungle, this was an experience that has changed my life forever. My goal for doing this expedition was to get out of my comfort zone, face fears, challenge myself as a man and connect further with myself and nature. It challenged me in ways I could have never expected and prepared me for the next phase of my life. I worked side by side with the team doing all our daily tasks like building campsites from scratch, chopping down trees to make canoes and preparing the fires used to cook our hunt from the night before. Hunting at night in the Amazon is an indescribable experience that one must see for themselves. I could really feel and see the dangers and challenges of the jungle while still appreciating its life and beauty.

The highlight of the trip for me, other than the beautiful jungle in all its glory, were the people on the team. They really made me feel like I was part of their tribe. They welcomed me like family and I will never forget the bonds that we all made. With the team around me I felt that I could accomplish anything. I will take so much of this place and these people with me in my life until the day I die. Thanks again Christian and all your warriors and my jungle brother Elias, you are all family forever. If you are looking for a genuine, challenging and life changing amazon experience look no further than Amazon Expeditioners, you will not be disappointed!!!.

Nomadic Experience - Ancient plant medicine - Survival


Where should I begin. Two weeks later and I'm still processing this beautiful and unique lifetime experience with Amazon Expeditioners.

Together with another traveler, we went for a custom-designed 21 Expedition nearby the Ampiacu River. The first part was dedicated towards learning about & experiencing ancient plant medicines such as Ayahuasca and Kambo. This was as real as it gets. We were collecting the vines, and contributing to preparing the medicine.. for our last cer
emony, we hiked two days (with 2 Shaman) to drink the sacred brew under a giant Lupuna tree. A tree that holds many spirits.. in this part we did so much more.. we've been introduced to the local tribes and their traditions (from preparing coca powder to yuca for our expedition), took part in a local village fest and connected to each team member.

Regarding the team. This is a multi-man operation. Everyone was fully dedicated to give us an authentic experience while constantly adapting to our needs. Their hard work and deep knowledge about the rainforest cannot be put in words.. everyone was incredibly helpful to teach us their knowledge from building our own weapons to building a campsite from scratch..

The second part was an adventure in itself. For two weeks, we were living a nomadic life. Under the supervision of our lead guide Nestor, we were building our camps for a few days around a Creek. In the nights, we would head out in the jungle to hunt for our own food. This is no joke. Here we were facing our fears and growing beyond our own comfort zones. We couldn't have imagined a better guide for this part than Nestor. I've been with many tour operators in the part. What a client-oriented, charismatic and gifted person he is. I've learned much in these 21 days.. about living and connecting with nature, appreciating the little things, brotherhood, plant medicine and plants in general, acceptance, courage and pure joy!!

Special thanks to Christian, the chief in command and brother from another mother. I hope you will continue to grow Amazon Expeditioners.

To Nestor, our Cupido - and I mean it with love.
To Humberto and your family, we were honored to stay at your campsite. I always felt safe around you.
To Fernando & Carlito, our two Shaman, you are a powerhouse together..Harley Ding Ding...
To the boys, Dennis, Sopa, Pieropo, Dennis (Tanto Sabez), Alfredo, Huhupe.. you took care of us - and we took care of each other. Our jungle adventures will always be remembered
Antonio our cook, thank you for being part of the first part.
And all of the beautiful people from various tribes we were able to meet during our stay.
And of course my jungle brother Dustin, our Fizido the Firestarter. You were a great dancing partner!
Don't hesitate, reach out to Christian and you will feel what's right....

Until another time!

Highly recommended jungle expedition with the Amazon Expeditioners!!! 5 stars from all aspects


This was our first time doing a survival expedition in the jungle but the guys mainly Christian gave us all the required information, accurately, before we started the trip. Speaking with him have us the confidence to take the step forward with his team. It’s a hard decision to make finding someone trustworthy with your life and experience but Christian and the team always gave us the confidence we need to go ahead with them.

Once we arrived, Christian had planned our
trip but kept the finer detail of the plan up to us to customise. So we made sure that we are in sync with him and the team with what we want to achieve from this expedition.

The rest was just great, he has a world class team out in the jungle from different tribes that made us feel at home as we bonded through the trip. They taught us the ways of the jungle as we learn and adapted to the environment. It was challenging indeed but this is why this is an expedition and not a tour!!! However, the team was always there to help us with an extra push to complete each task.

The first phase was adopting and learning, the next we executed our skills and survived and the final phase we spend time in isolation to enjoy our connection with the jungle and indigenous tribes.

The team conducted this expedition in a very safe and calculated manner without us noticing. Coming from Europe, I can say the service and safety is in on par with what we are used to. But at the end of the day you are Traveling to the jungle so need to play but the jungle rules and adapt. It’s hard, different and requires a different skill set and resilience to have an amazing experience.

I’m a nutshell, if your in doubt, take the step and communicate with the team to have an amazing experience. I really enjoy this and recommend this expedition to anyone who is looking for a new challenge. I have made long lasting friends from the jungle and formed a connection with the jungle thanks to the AMAZON EXPEDITIONERS!

An authentic expedition of a lifetime!


I have travelled a lot, well over 70 countries and been on some pretty cool expeditions. This expedition in the Amazon with Christian and his team is up there with being the best. From the authenticity, the challenge, the interaction with local communities and the overall experience everything was 10/10. After spending 12 days with the team, it felt like we had formed a formidable family and it was pretty emotional saying goodbye to such great people.


The expedition itself was a survival one and myself and my friend enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t a set itinerary and nothing felt robotic. It’s all very real. The jungle is not a place where you can write a script and follow it to the letter. It’s a place which tests you, it’s an environment that brings out both the best and worst in you and the Amazon itself is beautiful beyond belief.


I would 100% recommend this expedition for anyone that enjoys living life to the max, exploring new territories and engaging in rituals that are not considered the norm.


Be prepared for a rollercoaster of an adventure. To Christian, Nestor, Humberto, Miller, Dalmio and Lionel, I thank you for showing us your way of life and being the best teammates a man could ask for.

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